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Olympian, Model, Advocate, Leader




Navigating the complex world of being a professional athlete has made me a resilient and independent woman. However, the root of this resilience and tenacity comes from my mother —  journalist and Olympian, Rosey Edeh. 


My mother scooped me up at only two-months-old and traveled the world competing for the Canadian Track Team with me in tow. Within a year of having me, she set the Canadian Record in the 400m at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georiga. My father, also an Olympian, still holds the world record for long jump from that same Olympics. 


Even with running in my blood my parents never pushed me towards it. While I participated in other sports, it wasn’t until I was 17 and on my own volution that I decided to take to the track. This sent me to the path I am on today.


At the University of Maryland, I was afforded the opportunity to pursue my passion for Journalism and Languages (I speak French, English, and Italian) alongside being a student-athlete in the NCAA. To this day both my 400m indoor and outdoor records stand at my alma mater.

After being a correspondent at the Teen Choice Awards in 2010 and 11 I realized that I thrived in front of the camera. Sharing a passion for both journalism and running with my mother has made the balance between competition and personal goals that much easier. She continues to be my biggest supporter. I’ve secured modeling contracts outside of running and athletic sponsorships from small businesses but in order to fully chase my Olympic dreams, I do look to my community for support


My pursuits are only beginning and with the 2020 Olympics in my sights I can’t help but look towards 2024 and 2028. Until then, my focus is on running, being a bright light to anyone who needs it and, giving back to the communities that have so faithfully supported me. 




Rosaline Edeh

Toronto, Ont

Tel: 416-230-2506​

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